The Biffy 50

My Neverlands mosaic flash was named one of the top fifty Best British and Irish Flash Fiction (Biffy 50) 2018-19 by last year’s judges. I’m honoured to be selected as one of four judges (along with fellow flash writers, Emily Devane, Christopher Drew, and Karen Jones) for the Biffy 50 2019-2020. My “season” started at … Continue reading The Biffy 50

More Neverlands News

I’m grateful for the wonderful reception my novella in flash continues to receive. Last week TSS Publishing released Yasmina Floyer’s glowing review of The Neverlands: I absolutely loved The Neverlands. It is stunning from start to finish. … If you have never read flash fiction before then this collection is an excellent example of the form … Continue reading More Neverlands News

Publication Day !

It’s publication day for my flash fiction pamphlet ‘The Neverlands’! Huge thanks to  Sarah Leavesley at V Press for selecting my manuscript for publication, creating its beautiful cover, and taking such care in the editing process. It’s been a joy to work with Sarah and V Press. I’m thrilled with the generous endorsements I received … Continue reading Publication Day !